T.M. Camp | Adventure

A touching, nostalgic look at “Colossal Cave Adventure.”

Books are words on a page, sure. We follow along and visualize our own version of things, as much as the author’s descriptions will allow us the freedom to do so. But even the movies can change those, though. Whether we like it or not. And long after the closing credits fade, we might find ourselves dodging box office artifacts during a rereading of a favorite book.

Not in these games, not in these games. They had just enough description to serve as a framework for the imagination, just enough for your mind to fill it.

They are some of the truest forms of Magic available in our reality.

We made our reality. I can describe the cave in detail to anyone who asks. It is staggering to me, even now, to realize that my cave would not resemble the one that Benny saw.

T.M. Camp | Adventure.

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