Seton Hill tackles Shakespeares The Tempest

I have the delightful privilege of teaching The Tempest in a literature class, to a student who’s performing in it through the theater department.

“I was ecstatic to play Ferdinand,” says Andrew Meholick, a junior from Reynoldsville majoring in theater performance. “He is a true romantic who is willing to do anything just to lay eyes on the woman he loves. I really wanted to bring a relatable Ferdinand to our modern audience, which is easy to do with Shakespeares understanding of human nature.”Meholick says his character is the dashing, brave man all the girls want, “with enough quirkiness to still make you giggle at his youth. I think the audience will relate to several of the characters we have re-created in this production, and Ferdinand will grab their hearts.” — Seton Hill tackles Shakespeares The Tempest – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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