Denise Pullen’s World Premiere of “Running in Traffic” at Seton Hill

I attended a read-through of this play a few months ago, and was impressed. Looking forward to seeing the production.

20120420-214608.jpg“Running in Traffic” focuses on Bolton, a nonverbal young man with autism who runs from home to attempt independence and becomes lost. He finds refuge on a traffic island when Stevie, a girl in a sandwich suit, pulls him from speeding traffic. While his family tackles traffic to find him, Bolton fights to continue his destination and Officer Edwards speeds to the scene of an alleged assault on a sandwich.

“The story unfolds with humor and compassion. While the real-time action of his rescue and arrest plays out, scenes dramatizing the struggles Bolton and his family face throughout his life expose the toll autism takes on the families it affects. My goal with this new play is to attempt an understanding of the mysteries of the autistic mind and give voice to the needs and desires held hostage within it,” said Pullen, who has a personal perspective on the topic of autism. “My 23-year-old nephew is autistic. I wrote this play as a tribute to this family’s struggle and the strength of their love.” —Seton Hill University – A Leading Catholic Liberal Arts University in Greensburg Pennsylvania.

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