WWII Veteran and Holocaust Rescuer Les Banos

I just heard from a trusted source about the death of Les Banos, a WWII veteran who joined the Nazi Secret Services in order to be a double-agent serving the Allies. My son and I heard Mr. Banos speak at a Holocaust memorial service just last week. Here’s a video version of some of his many stories.

WWII Veteran: Les Banos.

3 thoughts on “WWII Veteran and Holocaust Rescuer Les Banos

  1. I met Les 8 years ago when he was 80. He needed an editor to help him write a memoir of the Holocaust called If They Catch You, You Will Die. This is his story of infiltrating the Hungarian Nazi party as a driver who would report Nazi plans back to the Resistance. A short man of towering courage and humanity, Les was bright, friendly and principled. He once told me that he was unafraid of death because then he would be with his mother, who died while Les was in his infancy. I am humbled and honored that Les asked me to help him with his book. We became good friends. RIP, Les.

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