Mom scheduled to serve community service hours for chalk vandalism

Even though both sides share their point-of-views, they agreed on a common ground to help beautify the James River Park System. —

A typical TV-news style “send them into the laundry detergent commercial feeling happy” story conclusion, designed to train the viewer to think of TV news as a valuable provider of wisdom and establisher of order.

Leaving aside that big-picture issue, let’s pick some nits.

  1. if they “share their point-of-views,” then doesn’t that mean they agree  on several things?
  2. the standard English convention for making the plural of hyphenated terms would make this “points-of-view”
  3. …but the convention for making hyphenated words does not apply here — we would hyphenate “point-of-view differences” or “that’s a point-of-view question,” where “point-of-view” modifies another word, but we would write “Both parties maintain separate points of view…”


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