Elly Noble Reflects on Stage Right’s New “Snow White”

What’s it like on your first day rehearsing for the starring role, joining a cast that’s already been working hard for a week?

Yesterday, Elly Noble started rehearsing for “Snow White: The Musical,” part of Stage Right! Greensburg‘s professional theatre season, Sept 21-23 at the Palace Theatre.

I managed to pull Elly aside for a few minutes to get her reaction.  I also caught the moment the artistic director got an idea for how to stage one of the numbers, a too-cheerful celebration of a wedding announcement. (The audience knows at this point that the wrong people are getting married, but the rest of the kingdom is too busy hugging cute little puffy clouds to notice).

I’ll try to follow up with another video showing that idea taking shape as the rehearsals progress. (I’m in that number, so recording it may be tricky!)

Stage Right! School for the Performing Arts & Professional Theatre Company — Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

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