Why scientists should care about art

My artsy daughter loves stories about science far more than she loves science; she has won “Best Display” for her age group in a science fair. When my son was 5, when given the choice he would invariably ask me to read him a nonfiction book rather an a fiction book; he has won “Most Creative” in a a science fair, and is a voracious reader, from Ray Bradbury to Michio Kaku. I have always been interested in both traditional techie things and traditional artsy things — one reason I love the theater is because you need both sides to put on a show.

Here is one scientist’s argument for putting the arts into STEM.

In my view, art inspired by science isn’t necessarily about the communication of science—it is a response to science. In leaving the scientific arena where it is all to easy to use technical jargon, working with artists can make you rethink the way that you communicate your research. How can you convey the complexity of the problem, while also making it accessible?Why scientists should care about art | At the Interface.


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