LGN Launches Quandary to Develop Ethical Thinking through Play

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 12.03.56 AMThe Learning Games Network, a non-profit spin-off of the MIT Education Arcade and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Games+Learning+Society Program, today launched Quandary, a unique game that encourages players to think ethically as they lead a human colony struggling for survival on fictional planet Braxos. The game’s goal is to provide an engaging experience for players aged 8-14 to strengthen foundational skills that help them recognize ethical issues and deal with ethical situations in their own lives.

“We aimed to achieve something unique with Quandary,” said Scot Osterweil, Creative Director of the Learning Games Network. “Although many games have design elements that engage players in critical thinking, perspective-taking and decision-making,Quandary directly addresses these essential competencies.”

via Learning Games Network

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