Colossal Cave: The Board Game by Arthur O’Dwyer

The kids and I enjoy nerdy board games. (I love both of you very much, but when we play Star Trek Monopoly, Daddy is ALWAYS the captain’s chair.)

Because my mother-in-law recently moved from out of state to a neighboring town, the kids have been spending a lot of time at her place playing board games with her. Lately, Clue is a favorite, though I rocked a game of Life last weekend.

Here’s a very geeky game I’m looking forward to springing on them, as soon as my Kickstarter-funded copy arrives.

20130802-104421.jpgXyzzy! Brave the perils of Colossal Cave to collect treasure in this card-driven adaptation of the classic 1976 text adventure.

Somewhere nearby is Colossal Cave, where it is rumored that others have found fortunes in treasure and gold. Magic, too, is said to work in the cave. But beware! Some who enter are never seen again…

In Colossal Cave: The Board Game, you and your friends take on the roles of rival adventurers competing to explore and plunder the treasures of Colossal Cave. The gameplay mechanics are light; it’s a “draw one, play one” game similar to Fluxx or Dvorak. — Kickstarter.

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