Infographics: the PowerPoint of the 2010s

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.27.07 PMI used to say that PowerPoint slideshows were the fan-fold-paper computer banners of the 1990s.

Now it seems that infographics are set to be the PowerPoint of the 2010s — so easy to create that they proliferate without rhyme or reason.

In the past, when I made infographics optional parts of various assignments, only the students who had some graphic design knowledge or aptitude chose to create infographics.

Now that it’s so easy to use an infographic creation tool (see, “create and share visual ideas online”), I feel an obligation to step up my teaching of visual rhetoric.

Just because I can easily buy all the ingredients at my local supermarket doesn’t mean I’m ready to produce a gourmet meal.

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