Summer Theater Camp Photos: “Patrice” in “13”

My 11yo performed the part of “Patrice” in the clever coming-of-age musical “13” Saturday. Here she is with the leading character Evan (played by Anthony Marino — a very talented fellow with several movies on his resume).

The content was a bit edgy for a cast that included kids as young as 8, so some of the jokes went over their heads, and some of the lines got toned down (e.g. “dumb-assed” -> “dumb old”).The central message — that growing up is hard, popularity is fleeting, and a few true friends can make all the difference — was spot on.

For fun, I took my daughter and a castmate around town to film this brief promotional video of “The Lamest Place in the World” (one of Patrice’s two signature songs).

Here are some shots from the show.




This last shot shows the media scrum as proud parents snapped photos of the cast opening night.20130807-170651.jpg

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