Why I Rarely Blog about My Home Building Projects

20130807-163711.jpgWe’re kind of in the eye of the storm, between a whirlwind summer and the routine of the academic year, and I really couldn’t disagree with my wife when she reminded me of this project. I remember using my original iPad 1 to sketch out the measurements for the wood I intended to buy in order to fix the railing on my back deck.

I rarely blog about home building projects because I’d feel like an impostor. I feel the appropriate suburban guilt when my lawn isn’t as nice as everyone else’s, and I do enjoy using a screw gun on a theater set, but those feelings don’t translate to “spend all weekend puttering about in the shop” (because I don’t have a shop — just a shelf in the laundry room).


I’ve left the reconstruction of the gate for another day. Maybe I’ll use it as a texture in a Blender 3D scene some day.

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