Benefits Of Being A Social CIO

SHU’s Phil Komarny:


Every get, starts with a give: We have all heard the phrase, you get what you give, and in the world of social media that phrase takes on a much more weighty meaning. Go ahead, prove me right, create a twitter account and follow 100 or so people. Just read, don’t interact. You will receive some benefits but the true value in this medium comes by giving. Freely sharing your views and beliefs adds value to your network, and in turn your network will repay you 100 times over with different contexts, opinions, and advice.

More time to be ‘human: Being connected via a mobile device, for me it is an iPhone or iPad, gives me the ability to make the most of those wasted moments in my day. I can jump into the ‘flow’ whenever I have a few moments. These ‘flow moments’ add up over time and give me pause at the end of a busy day to enjoy my life, to enjoy being human. When people approach me saying that social media will be the end of ‘personal’ contact I always disagree. I argue that it is the exact opposite. —]Vala Afshar.

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