D&D-Themed movie Zero Charisma pits Nerds vs. Hipsters

My wife usually gives me nerd-themed DVDs as gifts, so I probably won’t make any effort to see this movie on my own. Still, I’m glad to know someone has made a movie that touches on the hipsterization of nerd culture, and I enjoyed reading the well-written review.

20131029-084041.jpgLike lots of apologists and upholders of D&D (this writer included), Scott infuses D&D with a cultural significance. He trashes modern video games. “You might as well be playing connect the f*cking dots. No human interaction,” Scott lectures a young player. “When we play tabletop RPGs, we are reawakening one of man’s oldest traditions: communal storytelling. Just as, thousand of years ago, early man gathered around the fire, developing the myths that defined their culture, so we sit at the table, building words, building characters, building heroes. Seeing through them, as through a prism, our own fears, our own goals. Ourselves. Think your Xbox can do that?” —Boing Boing.

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