Boston Bombing Survivor Dances Onstage for First Time

Technology and artistry combine in this touching story.

After dance teacher Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost part of her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing last year, she made a promise to herself that she would perform again. So, Haslet-Davis spent the next year of her life working with Hugh Herr, who outfitted her with a revolutionary prosthetic limb, to relearn the basic dance moves that once came naturally to her.

Onstage at TED in Vancouver Wednesday, she danced publicly for the first time since her amputation. The audience stood on their feet throughout Haslet-Davis’ performance, as she sashayed across the stage. Meanwhile, Herr, who was speaking at the conference, stood to Haslet-Davis’ right, out of the spotlight, beaming with pride. Although her performance was short, it was clearly a triumph — her tears were visible from the back row. Boston Bombing Survivor Dances Onstage for First Time.