Rediscovering Infocom Games With My Kids


Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 3.11.56 PMCall it the Familyhood of the Traveling Interactive Fiction Pants. Even though we all have very different needs, the games fit each of us perfectly. It is not unusual to find all three of us sitting on the sofa, exploring a world and arguing over which direction to go. Every afternoon, it’s like getting to go on a really great family trip except with no laundry to do afterward. I can’t say that I always dreamed of one day playing Infocom games with my children. I mean, procreation was sort of the last thing on my mind at nine years old. But I can tell you that it is emotional to be back in those worlds. When we encounter a character in a game, it’s like bringing your children back to see all your old elementary school teachers. I mentally hug Zork’s thief and pet the unicorn to say, “hey, guys, it’s me, Melissa. I’ve missed you guys so much, but I’m back and I’ve brought my kids with me.” — Melissa Ford, GeekDad.

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