12yo Actress Carolyn Jerz on Pict Classic Theatre’s Great Expectations: “Your heart will be torn.” (WCNS “Steppin’ Out”)

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 12.42.29 AMMy daughter, who plays Young Estella in Pict Classic Theatre’s “Great Expectations,” was interviewed on Tony Marino’s WCNS “Steppin’ Out” local arts radio talk show. I’ve embedded the 10-minute segment below.

During the segment, she told a ghost story about the Charity Randall theatre, she said her favorite scene is the manners lesson Pip receives from his friend Herbert Pocket (“Pip is a country lad, and he doesn’t know manners, and Herbert is trying to tell him the story of Miss Havisham, but Pip is like, holding his spoon overhand and going [slurrrp] in the middle of his story…”

She also gave her opinion of the ending: “At the end of the show, your heart will be torn.” While calling herself and castmate Elliot Pullen nerdy, she even worked in references to The Avengers, Star Wars, and Star Trek.

I’m very glad that, after she admitted that she hadn’t “read” Great Expectations, she followed up by noting that we are listening to the audiobook during our commute.

Earlier in the same show, Tony and Renata talked about the homeschool company and its upcoming production of Willy Wonka Jr.  (My son is playing Grampa Joe and my daughter is playing Veruca on Dec 12.) I’ll post the audio of that, too, early next week.