Perchance to Dream: LARPing Hamlet at Castle Elsinore

imageThis is the concept of Inside Hamlet, an interactive performance that takes place this weekend and next in the real Elsinore, at Denmark’s Kronborg Castle. Over the course of three five-hour acts, 100 actors will assume the roles of royals and servants of the House of Hamlet—and other related houses who have taken refuge at the fortress—and imagine the action that follows.

They will be imagining because … there is no script. There are general guidelines: Polonius will be murdered, Ophelia will kill herself, and toward the end Fortinbras will make his grand entrance. But nearly everything else will be conceived by the participant-actors, explored and acted out as they go along. The actors will react to each other, plot against each other, and fall in love with each other. —The Atlantic.

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