Trump’s Claims About Media Coverage of Terror Attacks Are Bogus

The difference between PR and journalism is that journalists aren’t doing their jobs unless they tick somebody off by reporting news that at least some of the people involved wish had never been reported. Facts matter.

I have no doubt [Trump] truly believes the only reason people have criticized his executive order imposing a travel ban from seven Muslim countries is because they don’t know how serious the problem is. And he truly thinks they don’t know how serious the problem is because his enemy—the press—has been secretly conspiring to keep terrorism a secret. So, instead of having a one-day blowback from the silly comment Trump made about terrorism attacks going unreported, the White House team has now once again shown itself to be uninformed or ready to lie whenever the president demands. In the process, the administration has flushed away whatever credibility it might have retained until now. –Kurt Eichenwald, Newsweek

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