Fanciful Fun in Theatre Factory’s “The Fantasticks”

A great review from Pittsburgh in the Round:

(L to R): Carolyn Jerz (The Girl), Joseph Milliren (The Girl’s Father), Caitlin Cherry (The Mute/The Wall), Tom Sarp (The Narrator/El Gallo), Bill Fisher (The Boy’s Father), and Ty Kinter (The Boy).

Aided by Kirk Howe’s skillful musical direction, and the excellent instrumental work of Howe (Keyboard 1) Beth Minda (Keyboard 2), Dave Minda (Bass Guitar), and Jesse Wall (Percussion), the performers of Theatre Factory’s latest production dazzle and elate throughout the many silly twists and turns.

Fantasticks is wonderfully cast across the board, replete with performers whose vocal abilities match their exuberant on-stage presences.

Carolyn Jerz’s turn as The Girl (Luisa), is absolutely stupendous, and Jerz’s dynamic voice and unshakeable confidence on stage is a joy to watch and will carry her through an undoubtedly prosperous theatrical future. —Eva Philips, Pittsburgh in the Round

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