Fox News, accused of manipulating news images, relabels them as “collages,” “regrets these errors”

Using bits and pieces of real news in order to distort the public perception of a story is unethical. Not all news organizations distort the truth this way. What do you think about the ones that do?

Today, Fox re-labeled three different altered images, identifying each as a “collage” and posting a note that says the company “regrets these errors.”

Fox used a dramatic photograph of a person running past a flaming building in Minnesota to illustrate a story on the Seattle “Autonomous Zone” (which is occupied by protestors, but is not ablaze).

Not all news insert the same image of a green-masked man with a gun into different settings where that man was not present.


Original image of a volunteer security guard wearing a green mask and holding a rifle.


The man in the green mask has been digitally inserted into a different image promoting a Fox News story.

The same man in the green mask has been digitally inserted into a third image, this time standing in front of a shattered window. This image is used to draw viewers’ attention to a different Fox News story.

Here’s what Fox said today:

Editor’s Note: A home page photo collage which originally accompanied this story included multiple scenes from Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” and of wreckage following recent riots. The collage did not clearly delineate between these images, and has since been replaced. In addition, a recent slideshow depicting scenes from Seattle mistakenly included a picture from St. Paul, Minnesota. Fox News regrets these errors.

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