No, this photo of people wearing coats standing in front of bare trees was not a fake news media attempt to misrepresent what’s happening in Texas and Arizona in July

It’s distressing and shocking to realize that some people are more willing to spread conspiracy theory shit than it they are to check their sources. Isn’t it the bad guys who are supposed to be spreading lies? I like reading news stories for myself, rather than spreading disinformation on social media.

How hard is it to Google for “Refrigerated trucks requested in Texas and Arizona as morgues fill up due to coronavirus deaths,” and click on literally the first search result:

That article has a video (that I didn’t watch), a July 15 photo labeled as a refrigerated trailer in San Antonio that doesn’t seem to be connected (yet?), and the very last line of the story reads, “Refrigerated trucks were also used at the height of the outbreak in New York City, which was once the epicenter of the pandemic.”

“This March 31, 2020, shows medical workers removing a body from a refrigerator truck outside of the Brooklyn Hospital in New York City.” CBSNews

Update — a day later, here is how many people have shared the false claim.

Here is how many people have reacted to the comment I left on this page, where I carefully explained why the image doesn’t prove what they say it proves. Hundreds of people shared the meme, without even bothering to send an ad hominem attack my way.

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