Fact check: You can safely ignore that “HOW TO FIGHT COVID AT HOME” meme

I noticed this meme a few days ago. I recognized the “friend of a friend who has insider knowledge” formula that makes people want to share a memes.

I know better than to trust anonymous online sources that claim to have special knowledge, so I just re-read what the CDC says and moved on.
Regarding the distracting and misleading meme, Snopes pointed out some non-trivial issues with the advice in this meme. In short, don’t try to treat yourself at home if you are seriously ill. Consulting a meme may make you delay seeking professional care.

Snopes concludes:

If we interpret the post as presenting recommendations made for people who were hospitalized with COVID-19 and sent home for further recovery, the post misses the mark in several cases described above. If, however, the post is interpreted as ways to keep people safe at home without going to the hospital, the post is dangerous, as it encourages notions that could prolong the decision to seek medical care in urgent situations. All told, it’s a good reminder to not get medical advice from posts that end in “copy paste and share.” —Snopes

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