Father David Hudgins RIP | In His Own Words

My friend from high school passed away a few days ago. What an amazing preacher. So intelligent, so approachable, so passionate. What a loss to the Diocese of Lansing and everyone who knew and loved him.
I am laughing through my tears at his aside, “I want to smack ’em!”
(I knew him through the Drama Club and really enjoyed our scenes together, especially in Our Town, where I played the Stage Manager and he played George.)

2 thoughts on “Father David Hudgins RIP | In His Own Words

  1. I pray for him as well as his mother, sister,Nancy and family and his dear brother, Rev. James Hudgins. I had the great pleasure and honor to know his little brother as the Drama Teacher at Bishop O’Connell High school in Arlington, VA. a few years back. Talent and intelligence, kindness and love for Christ run in family.
    May God give them comfort and joy as we pray for the repose of Father David Hudgins soul and May he Rest In Peace.

  2. Our Heavenly Father has another angel. May Father David rest in peace, and through his interception my we also find peace here on earth.

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