Birthright, Part 2 (#StarTrek #TNG Rewatch, Season 6, Episode 17) Worf sows disorder in a settlement where Klingons and Romulans live in peace

Rewatching ST:TNG

L’Kor tells Worf the Klingons have chosen to remain in what was initially Romulan POW camp, because if were known they were captured alive, that would bring dishonor on their family. The Romulan Tokath gave up his military career to spare their lives and lead their new settlement. The Klingon survivors, their descendants, and at least a handful of Romulans now live together in peace.  

Worf bristles when he sees the Klingon youth Toq using a Klingon weapon as a hoe, and dismayed when Ba’el (the young woman who caught his eye in Part 1) seems so happy with her peaceful lot.

The Romulan Tokath warns Worf not to disrupt their peaceful settlement, because he himself married a Klingon, thus he must protect his family.

Worf manages to escape, and is doing a good job evading his Romulan captors, but when the boy Toq challenges him, Worf permits himself to be brought back into the compound. There, he’s injected with a tracker and placed under guard.

Ever the tactician, Worf tells stories to the Klingon children, teaching them the cultural significance of the games and songs they have half-learned from their parents.

And, remember that bit about the Romulan saying he married a Klingon? You didn’t think that plot point wasn’t suddenly going to become important during a snogging session, did you? 

When Worf takes Toq out on a hunt, the boy’s Klingon instincts are aroused, and Tokath decides he can’t ignore the threat Worf faces.

The climax features Worf choosing a course of action that Picard might well have taken. 

The B-plot features the Enterprise trying to tracking down Worf (which turns out to be completely unnecessary).