Travel trouble, gun restrictions and no more ‘Mr Trump’: the trials of life as a felon

It’s unlikely to be at the forefront of the former president’s mind as he reflects on the verdict, but one immediate consequence is that Trump will probably lose the honorific title of “Mr” in the news pages of the UK’s Daily Telegraph.

The Telegraph’s style guide states: “Defendants in criminal court cases … are to be referred to with their honorific Mr, Mrs or Miss: the newspapers and website should share the court’s presumption of innocence. On conviction they lose the honorific, although if cleared on appeal they reclaim it.”

In its front-page story on Friday, it appears the paper has already applied the rule: the former president is referred to as “Trump” throughout the copy, while his former lawyer Michael Cohen is also not afforded an honorific, having been sentenced to prison in 2018 after pleading guilty to campaign finance charges and lying to Congress. Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, the two women to whom Trump was accused of making hush-money payments, are referred to with the title “Ms” throughout. —Guardian

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