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Choose a form, fill it out, and push the button… you will get an individual entry for a “Works Cited” page, which you may then copy and paste into your word processor. The BibBuilder will guide you through the process of filling in a form to get an MLA-style citation.

MLA BibBuilderChoose Your Source

  • Article (in a periodical, or chapter; printed or electronic)
  • Book (printed or electronic)
  • Web Page (corporate web page, blog entry, YouTube video, etc.)


  • Garbage in, garbage out. If you don’t type the correct information in the blanks, or if you use improper formatting, this utility won’t be able to correct it for you.
  • This utility requires a browser with JavaScript capability (found in any recent graphical browser).
  • When you copy text from the browser window, you may lose the formatting (such as underlining).
  • This utility generates one entry at a time. Alphabetizing and formatting the entries on the page is up to you (but this article will help: MLA Style–Using MS-Word to Format a Paper).
  • There are commercial database applications that will do the fancy stuff; this tool is primarily intended to help undergraduates (although I use it myself all the time).

[wp_ad_camp_4]Work Cited

Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 7th ed. New York: MLA, 2009.

1997 — Original version created for the Engineering Writing Centreand the University of Toronto English Library at the University of Toronto.
1998 — updated version posted at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2003 — transferred to its present location, at Seton Hill University
27 Jul 2011 — updated and reformatted

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64 thoughts on “MLA BibBuilder: Create Works Cited Entries by Filling in a Form

  1. This was my first attempt at using your website to learn how to cite well after a long struggle to find easy citing instructions. This is a definite life saver for me and I am grateful to the women in South Africa

  2. I was wanting to ask this about when writing paragraphs in your research paper. Our teacher only wants us to do a research paper with ten resources. 5 traditional and 5 can be on line and so on. Here is my question. When writing my paragraphs. Can my one paragraph have more than just what is on my note card right. I’m just a little confused on us having to use our note cards and put that info into the paragraph or is the note cards just extra information and we don’t copy that into our paragraphs right? I been out of college a long time so doing a research paper is a lot as of right now but I’m getting just not as fast as some. we have 3 weeks to finish this lol. Still working on resources. I have 8 so far.

    • MLA style doesn’t have any specific guidelines on the contents of note cards or how they are used. Your teacher is making sure that you are paying attention to the writing process, which is a valuable, long-term effort— not something you can blow through in one sitting. Exactly how your teacher asks you to use notecards is really something you should bring up during class or during an office visit. I don’t require my students to use note cards at all, but I have them do other prewriting activities that serve the same purpose, and students often ask me to clarify points about exactly what I expect from their prewriting activities. I can give you encouragement but I’m afraid only your teacher can answer your specific question. It sounds like you have started well in advance of the deadline, so the two of you should have plenty of time to work this out. Good luck!

  3. My son has a science project due Monday and it is to be in power point presentation, to include researching the topic of a chosen planet, create the power point presentation for the class. The presentation should consist of at least 10 slides(1 being a bibliography, according to MLA format) and address12 questions the teacher has listed regarding the planet. It states to save work , including works cited, write down ALL sources of information that you use. USE MLA FORMAT. My question is I have never done a power point presentation in MLA Format and is the one slide that is the bibliography, the works cited slide at the end of the power point? Is there any web pages with examples of how to correctly do this in a power point in MLA Format?

  4. This works great, there just needs a couple of adjustments if they can be made.Some teachers are more particular than others, most suggest to use Owl @ Purdue as a guideline. For unlucky students, like me, you can get the one teacher that the smallest mistake is just a complete fail.
    Okay here is my feedback, because MLA editions change and the most updated version is “MLA Written Handbook 7th Edition.” When the citation is complete it should be in a more word document efficient place instead of an adjusted text box.
    It doesnt always emphasize or copy the Italics correctly, which is important if quoting a book.Most teachers don;t require you to use a reference from a book considering the digital age; however, strict ones do. But MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! This does not indent correctly! First sentence should not be indented, the rest are indented until end of that citation.Then all requirements also use a double spaced paper, including works cited/references.

    • I can’t believe how teachers stress over the stupid details of a citation. What a waste of life. I get that it needs to be clear, consistent and generally in a widely adopted format, but picking apart the formatting is just crazy, unless its some type of language composition class, where the content is specifically covering correct citations. Its only snobby academics who really care if every little detail is in perfect adherence to their preferred format. I haven’t attended Ivy league schools, but most of my teachers have accepted anything that resembles MLA. Except the teachers who were teaching us MLA at City college, they expected perfection.

      • If you believe the details are stupid, then it does not surprise me you don’t agree with teachers who treat the details as important (to the rubric, to mastering a skill, to participating in an intellectual community).

  5. i like it cause what u say is funny i meanif u are going to be rill tell your child no if i was a parent i would

    • You may have typed the title block in the space where the header goes. The title block is just at the top of the first page, not above the top margin where the header goes.

  6. Love the work you have done assisting with MLA papers! Thanks for the hard work. I have searched for the answer to this, but I didn’t find it. Please pardon if it is redundant. How do I cite song lyrics, and what is the proper format in the biblio? Thanks much!

  7. This is the most easily understadable reference sites I have ever known regarding building “work cited” pages.

  8. It saved me from making a F on a project.The only thing wrong with the citation is it dasent make the second line hang indention.

  9. When I do a bibliography for a science fair project do I have to add this site under my resources if I use it to build my bibliography?

  10. How do i put in a cited block quote that is in a book but not by the author? Do i put the original person who said it or the arthor and book i got it from?

    • It’s better if you find the original source and quote it directly, rather than rely on a secondhand source.

      However, if you must cite a secondhand source, you could introduce the quote by mentioning the ultimate source, but cite the source where you found it:

      Smith’s classic definition of basketweaving still holds.

      Blah bah, long indented passage from Smith goes here. (Jones 123)

  11. Can you tell me if I am allowed to ammend my bib after it and the rough have been turned in. I want to remove a source and replace with a better one for the final. Is this allowed or not?
    Tahnk you

  12. I completed the cells as instructed and submit the Bib Builder… where does it go? What does it do? I didn’t see anything that aided me in my Works Cited progress.

  13. What if there are more than one author?
    Paul Insel, R. Elaine Turner, and Don Ross?

    How do I write it?
    Insel, Turner, Ross, Paul, R.Elaine, Don?

    • Can you please tell me how to delete a post from here. Just didn’t relize it would post youre full name when I originally posted and would like to protect my privacy.

      If I cant delete it would it be possible for you? I’m gathering your the site administrator….

      Thanks for understanding

  14. Just returning to school after being out for 30 + yrs, and did not have a clue what the teacher was saying when she told us our papers would be done in MLA or APA style. Is their a template for web citing formatt?

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