I Hate Phones

“There are two types of people — those who prefer to communicate via e-mail, and those who prefer the phone. What the phone people don’t realize is that their need for information means that they’re going to interrupt someone else’s day to get that information. E-mail, on the other hand, is just as quick and non-intrusive. Whenever possible, I try to send an e-mail before picking up the phone. I love e-mail, it’s the way people were meant to communicate — I’m sure of it.” Joezilla

I Hate PhonesDissociated Presszilla)

While I sometimes complain about all the e-mails I get, I do like the fact that I can deal with them on my own time — at 2am, if I feel like it. Unreturned phone calls don’t pile up like unanswered e-mails, so the psychological pressure of that long list of messages in my in box mounts up; but that’s nothing compared to the frustration I feel when a telephone call catches me at a bad time. I know, I know… I could just pay extra money for caller ID.