AOL Is Planning a Fast-Forward Answer to TiVo

“A secretive team of AOL Time Warner executives has begun talking with other major cable operators and media companies about speeding up and co-opting the potential revolution that TiVo kicked off. The company’s system, called Mystro TV, is AOL Time Warner’s gambit in an imminent battle over the future of the television business….While a program is paused or rewinding, networks can insert new commercials during the process or display them around the periphery of the screen. On the CD-ROM demo, for example, a viewer pausing “Charmed” might see a commercial for Special K or Pizza Hut. The demonstration also promises advertisers new ways to target viewers. A viewer watching a car commercial might be able to select an additional view of the interior or safety features. Or one household might see a commercial for a luxury car while another sees a pitch for an economy model.” David D. Kirkpatrick

AOL Is Planning a Fast-Forward Answer to TiVoNY Times)

But people who watch TV don’t want to interact. They want to veg out. If they wanted to interact, they’d use their computer. No button for skipping ads? Forget it. This is another ham-handed “old media” attempt to postpone the inevitable.