Prevention Programs And Scientific Nonsense

“The anti-science movement in health promotion has arisen as part of the humanistic perspective within the discipline that positions itself in direct opposition to a science-based approach that it terms ‘positivism.’ According to this view, the application of the scientific method that is, an approach to the world founded upon experimentation and hypothesis testing to social phenomena is both epistemologically and ethically wrong.” D.M. Gorman

Prevention Programs And Scientific NonsensePolicy Review)

But see also: “The Battle for American Science,” which argues that “Creationists, pro-lifers and conservatives now pose a serious threat to research and science teaching in the US.” It must be tough to be a pure and utterly objective scientist, surrounded by imperfect social creatures who dare to assert their values. I guess scientists will just have to learn to communicate their truths in such a way as it appeals to the intellect and passions of the masses — that’s what everyone else needs to do in order to promote a viewpoint or earn votes. Scientists, come forth from the laboratory and learn to write!