Unicast Introduces Screen-Filling Online Ad

“Online advertising software vendor Unicast is introducing a new kind of Internet ad that doesn’t just pop up over a portion of the browser but rather fills the entire screen of the computer user.|The New York-based company described the new unit as a ‘full-screen, 15-second, 300k online ad.’ Unicast promotional materials suggest the new format will enable advertisers to reach their audiences ‘with the same impact’ as TV.”

Unicast Introduces Screen-Filling Online AdAd Age)

Evil. Evil, evil, evil. Here’s a quote from the old media troglodyte shilling for this monstrosity: “We believe that just like in television, the creative you build is what gets shown, the technology should not get in the way.” I sure hope WebWasher blocks these. I won’t link to or visit any sites that use these. I imagine that the indignity I feel is akin to that my students feel when I float the notion that maybe they should actually pay for the music that they are consuming. But there have got to be better ways to get money out of the Internet than sabotaging the user experience and making your readers’ blood pressure surge. And if such ways aren’t to be found in the old media/new media hybrids such as USA Today and CNN, then the Internet can continue to get along just fine without Madison avenue. (That sounds so dorky… but blogging is supposed to be candid, so I won’t edit that out.)