Infogrammes Rechristens Itself Atari

“Infogrames bought the right to the Atari name when it bought toy maker Hasbro’s Hasbro Interactive division. Hasbro got it from JTS in 1998. JTS, in turn, bought Atari in 1996. Before then, Atari had many owners, including AOL Time Warner, known as Warner Communications back then. Warner bought Atari in the early 1980s, splitting it into Atari Games and Atari Corp. in 1984. It retained the Games division, which produced arcade titles, and sold Atari Corp. to…” blah blah blah.

Infogrammes Rechristens Itself AtariRegister/Reuters)

Pretty dry stuff, I know. The history of the Atari name bounces around like the famous square “ball” in “Pong”. Reuters broke the story, but since that link will eventually die, I held off blogging it until now. In unrelated news, the Henson family has bought back the Muppets.