Jacuzzi U.? A Battle of Perks to Lure Students

Surely not all the bells and whistles are defensible, college officials concede, but given the expectations of students who have grown up with DVD players in their own rooms, any campus without, say, a nightclub and a food court is as obsolete as an eight-track cassette.

“These are not frills,” said Daniel M. Fogel, president of the University of Vermont. “They are absolute necessities.”

The University of Vermont plans to spend up to $70 million on a new student center, a colossal complex with a pub, a ballroom, a theater, an artificial pond for wintertime skating and views of the mountains and Lake Champlain. —Greg Winter (registration; will expire) —Jacuzzi U.? A Battle of Perks to Lure Students  (NY Times)

And people wonder 1) why students can’t find time to do their homework and 2) why college tuition is skyrocketing. Note that no single college has every one of the extravagant luxuries mentioned in this article — the overall feeling of pandering to the whims of potential students is exaggerated because the author has chosen to focus on the most extravagant luxuries he found. Still, it is amazing. Via Arnzen’s PEDABLOGUE, where I posted a relevant quote from Malcolm X.