Rock Paper Scissors Championships

Noticed that you had written about our site, The World Rock Paper Scissors Society ( on your blog before and thought you may be interested in the upcoming 2003 Rock Paper Scissors International
World Championships taking place on October 25th.

Couple notes about the Championships:

– We have built a new Championship specific site at
– We expect to have about 1000 of the World’s best players competing
this year and have athletes registered from the UK, 6 US States and Canada.
– Winner will receive $5000.00 (CDN) and more importantly will be able
to claim the title of RPS Champion of the World (2nd place $1500.00, 3rd
– We have some various video clips in Quicktime format that can be
Viewed here:

Graham Walker
World RPS Society
Rock Paper Scissors ChampionshipsE-Mail)