Commence Skimming: Start reading. Now. Or. Whatever.

I suppose you could say that the subhead trend bothers me because I’m a
writer and I try desperately to perfect antiquated stuff.

Transitions and Flow

Like transitions and flow, and because I think writing, like most everything
else good in life, revolves around flow and rhythm. But the truth is, subheads
bug me even more as a reader. Some of the best editors I’ve ever had have
justified subheads to me, explaining that they are necessary “eye candy” and
“reader guides” imperative to “reader friendliness.”

I’m with Stupid

All I know is that whenever I read a column or story that’s been broken up by
subheads, especially a syndicated story that appeared somewhere else first
without any subheads, my inner reader feels violated.–Jim Walsh

Commence Skimming: Start reading. Now. Or. Whatever. (City Pages)

Note the way the imaginary copy-editor inserting the subheads starts arguing with the writer.

Great Stuff

This is great stuff, though I shudder to think







Found on A & L Daily.