Education Arcade, day 1

Henry shared the media that influenced him, including films like Operation Frontal Lobe and Isaasc Asimov sci-fi novels. He agued that every other pop culture medium has been involved in education, and games need to catch up. Even Hollywood markets films with education guides (e.g. The Alamo, which has one available on the official website).

Some stats Henry shared:

  • 100% of entering college freshman play games
  • 65% call themselves regular game players
  • 48% said games keep them from studying “some” or “a lot”
  • 32% play during classes

With that many students playing, said Henry, maybe the teachers should join them. —Education Arcade, day 1 (Water Cooler Games)

Glad to see Ian is braving “The Dangers of Academic Blogging” to give his ground’s-eye view of what looks like an important conference. Perhaps Wired will have more later, but at the moment I’m not impressed by its coverage.

One panel featured Wagner James Au, James Paul Gee, Warren Spector, and Brenda Laurel. What a line-up! I’d also like to have heard what Royal Shakespeare member Tom Piper had to say about a collaboration with MIT.