Save a Tree, Buy a Computer and BLOG on it!

Though, I must admit, blogging is not only extremely addictive–must be the subliminal messages, but also fun. Where else could you find a community of writers and readers that can be as wide or as narrow as you gear your works to be? And where else can you start controversy and discourse short of a coffee shop poetry night? Blogging, to me, is a place where I can warm up and practice, like a musician, for my next performance. My audience, being my ?director? and my weblog being the instrument through which I ?play my music.” —Evan ReynoldsSave a Tree, Buy a Computer and BLOG on it! (Color in a Lurid World)

Evan is a new freshman at Seton Hill University. He has jumped right into the blogosphere, even before I held the “introduction to weblogs” class.

Everyone who teaches with blogs would love to figure out what it is that makes some students love blogs and others think of blogging as just another homework assignment.