Sharon Stone sues doctor for liable

Actress Sharon Stone has filed a liable suit against an LA plastic surgeon for comments he made about Stone having had plastic surgery. Stone adamantly denied the claim and is suing. —Freddie MoocheSharon Stone sues doctor for liable (Axcess News ™ News for the X generation)

Earth to copy-editors… that should be “libel,” shouldn’t it?

From the story: “Arturi Barens, was quoted in an ABC News story as saying the suit was not well thought out by Stone’s attorneys before they filed it.”

The author, Freddy Mooche, cites ABC News as the source of a quotation, which is ethical. But the quote singles out the lawuit as “not well thought out,” while the headline and body of the Axcess News article refers a “liable” suit?

Hmm… I know that I make occasional typographical errors on my site, so I shouldn’t flame others for being human. But this isn’t a single instance of a mistyped word — it’s the same mistake in the headline and the story, which suggests someone doesn’t know what the right word is supposed to be.

P.S. Freddy Mooche? Really?

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  1. Yikes! I caught that just glancing at titles through your blog! …I can’t wait to copy-edit for the Setonian next semester. I don’t think I want to write as much as I want to edit. :D

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