Nuclear Family

“Will you sit with the baby while I read the boy a good-night story?”

“I’m so dead,” the wife sighs. “You put them both to bed tonight.”

The six-year-old parades past holding the book he’s chosen.

Nuclear Energy.

Husband and wife exchange glances.

“Look!” the boy beams. “It has a whole chapter on protons!”

Wife staggers off to the baby’s room.

9 thoughts on “Nuclear Family

  1. Um, yeah… and what did the atom say just before fission? Have to split! (Oh God, I’m such a geek… I can can’t even make a science funny!) }’:

  2. Tell Peter, “Thanks for including Robert, but he is not feeling well after reading these puns, he has atomic ache!” Ha! HA!

  3. A neutron walks into a bar and asks how much for a drink. The bartender replies, “for you, no charge.”

    What did the Nuclear Physicist have for lunch? Fission chips.

  4. I tried out these on Peter while I was driving him to piano lesson…

    What did one atom say to the other? “Let’s split!”

    What sign did the atom put on his door when he went on vacation? “Gone fission!”

    Ha ha ha ha! *wipes eyes*

  5. Here are 2 puns that Peter might enjoy!

    Two atoms bump into each other on the street.
    Atom 1: “Oops. Hey, are you okay?”
    Atom 2: “No, I seem to have lost an electron.”
    Atom 1: “What? Are you sure?”
    Atom 2: “I’m positive.”

    Did you know that atoms are Catholic? The protons and neutrons have mass!

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