Rent My Son

Sign Your Child Up Today!

Make extra money – or start your son’s college fund!

We are currently looking for children in your area! Rent your son out on weekends. You have complete control over your child’s schedule. All of our clients are fully screened, and you may screen prospective clients before any transaction takes place. —Rent My Son

The idea is, parents rent their kids out to single guys who want to attract women in the park, or to parents of a socially disadvantaged daughter who needs a date to the prom.

Not really worth one “har,” let alone a “har har.”

The logo doesn’t have anything to do with the supposed business plan, and the pages don’t feature a link to the home page in the upper left corner — that’s a very strong online convention, and it shows whoever put together this site was not a pro.

The address given on the “Company Info” page matches the address of several federal and local government groups in San Diego. All the suites or room numbers I’ve seen for that office building have four numbers, but this company is supposed to be in “Suite 100.”

When you click on “Make Reservation/Get Quote,” the page reloads, and nothing else happens. Tell me that an online business would let that happen. For fun, I signed up under the name “Amusing Hoax,” and predictably got an error message.

One kid’s profile reads, “This website lets me practice for acting.” That pretty much lets the cat out of the bag — the person doing the writing is thinking of the website, and the website only. And that’s all there is to it.

Of course, the whole idea is ridiculous. It’s not really good enough to last in the memepool for very long — not when there are far more bizarre things happening in the world. The design for “Black People Love Us” is cheesier, but the content is far better. The same goes for “Rent a Negro.”

Via Metafilter, where nobody’s falling for it.

Okay, can you tell I’m bored? I think I have laundry or something to do now…