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To assure its continued success, Gemini has further increased it’s [sic] exposure to retailers and consumers alike with innovative marketing and a successful brand[-]building strategy. The For Dummies brand was recently added to Gemini’s stable of product lines. With it’s [sic] recognizable brand name, For Dummies compliments [sic] the current Gemini brand profile that includes such strong brand names as Philips, Magnavox, Philips Magnavox, Zenith, and Southwestern Bell Freedom Phone. The company’s multi-tiered brand strategy is an affirmation of Gemini’s commitment to maintain it’s [sic] leadership position. —Gemini: Marketers of Brand Name Accessories — About Us (

Here’s the e-mail I just sent to technical support:

I am unable to install the Gemini Recoil PC gamepad (GGE908) on my Dell Inspiron 700m.

When I first plug it in, I get “USB Device Not Recognized”. When I follow the Windows dialog boxes, Windows can’t find any drivers on the CD included with your product.

When I run the “setup.exe” program on the CD, it runs through a wizard and adds a folder to my Start menu, but the only thing in that folder is “uninstall”.

I checked and found a driver to download, but the zipped file on that site is password protected.

I’ve gone through the Windows troubleshooting guides several times, with no help.

I have restarted my computer and rerun “setup.exe” several times.

A few seconds after I pushed “send,” the following appeared in my inbox:

<>: does not like recipient.

Remote host said: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for

Giving up on

Time to get the receipt and send that sad puppy back to Wal*Mart.

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  1. hola, nesecito el driver de instalacion de un control gemini modelo gge908, el cual no encuentro agradeceria el que me apoyaran con dicho driver, espero sus propuestas links o formas en mi correo gracias!!!

  2. I too have purchased the GGE908 controller from Walmart. I compared with other way higher price units. They did not seem to even come close to the quality and feel of this unit (Well made / solid). It would be even better if the thing worked. The install went without any problems. It shows HID (human interface) for the controller installed. The test utility that comes with it, all function work. Load the games (ie Air Assault). In the game options, able to configure each button/control, able to scroll with the controller within the game menu. And when game starts the seems for a instant the directional controle is responding then no response, except, I am able to fire with #8 button – that is it.
    Has their been any resolution for this flaky device. The product seems to work well for a few people and appear quit pleased with it. I’m sure I will be to, once I get it working.

  3. someone please help me i have a gemini j44416 digital camera and no longer have the disc to install it on my new pc is there a web site i can download it from please reply with any suggestions. thank u please call if dont mind; 1313-733-7761

  4. I have this same very controller a GGE908 PC Recoil Pad and I can truely feel blessed that I dont have the issues that I see among the other comments. My only issue is after about 1 1/2 years of ownership with no complaints other than morrowinds funky right control stick configuration (thats the only game that warps the orientation of axis on right joystick). However I found another game thats even more bothersome for me when using this game pad. In Need For Speed Carbon my recoil pad never stops vibrating and there isn’t any in game option to disable it. Using the control panel this controlers software came with I see that I am able to change strength of the vibrations to where they are non existant but when I leave that window after clicking apply, I would go into the game and find the vibrations are still there running all the time in game. I go back to the control panel and find that the force intensity setting is back to default setting. Anyways to cut down to the chase I tried looking up more recent drivers and software but in my searching I cant find any trace of my controllers manufacturor to download legitimate drivers from. does any of you know a decent configuration utility that will help disable this pesky vibration issue (note it only does it in Need for speed carbon.) “Though I feel its the games fault not my controller.

  5. I bought the game pad at walmart. At first it was a bit complicated because there was no way to set the control functions, but after searching this site I found the right program to run along side it. Works great except I can’t use the D-Pad.

  6. I’m Tryin To Set The Controller Config For Madden NFL 07
    And It Will Not Be Config Like The Logitech Controller

  7. Quiero instalar mi kamara para usarala como webcam en el mssenger…..ya la había instalado y todo bien, pero por error alguien la desinstaló y ovbiamente dejó de funcionar, kice volver a instalarla pero perdí el sobre de mi cd de instalación el inconveniente es ke en dicho sobre venía impreso el numero de serie de instalación ke me pide la pc kuando kiero instalar la kamara otra vez…..ya buské de mil maneras ese dichoso numero de serie en internet y no lo encuentrooooooo….¿Cómo le hago? en el cd tiene las siguientes referencias: GEMINI Digital Camera j44416 for PC Camera Driver, Ulead Photo Express 4.0 SE, User Manual. por favor necesito ke alguien me diga el numero de serie o dónde y cómo lo busco ….pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase ahí dejo mi correo para ke me respondan por fis……de antemano gracias, bye

  8. I just got the GGE908 and the driver, however, it’s not working to it’s full potential. I can’t click the “effect page” under the game controller configuration for the GGE908. It’s aggravating because I can’t even figure out what the function of the button is because the thing returns a damn error every time. The error is as follows:

    “The instruction at “0x10004590” referenced memory at “0x10004590”. The memory could not be “written”.

    Click OK to terminate the program
    Click on CANCEL to debug the program”

    OK closes it, CANCEL returns yet another wonderful error:

    “The exception unknown software exception (0xc000409) occured in the application at location 0x59a7295d.”

    How am I to know what’s under the effect page? I guess I’ll never find out until it either stops being stubborn or somebody can assist. I’d really appreciate any help. :)

  9. ________________________________________
    From: Steve Karstaedt []
    Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 10:58 AM
    To: ‘’
    Subject: FW: LG Customer Enquiry-[Stephen Karstaedt]

    From: ZENITH []
    Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 10:34 AM
    To: Stephen Karstaedt
    Subject: LG Customer Enquiry-[Stephen Karstaedt]

    ———–Reply to Customer Enquiry————
    Dear Stephen, Thank you for inquiring of LG Electronics. For further assistance, you will need to contact Gemini Industries. GEMINI INDUSTRIES 2003 Gemini Industries, Inc. 215 Entin Road Clifton, NJ 07014 Tel: 973-471-9050 Fax: 973-574-7210 For technical support, you may contact Thank you again for contacting LG Electronics. Neil E-mail Administrator Customer Interactive Center LGEAI

    ———–Customer Details————
    Name : Stephen Karstaedt
    Street : 5914 E. County Rd. X.
    City : Beloit
    State : Wisconsin
    Zip Code : 53511
    Telephone number : 262-949-4200
    Country/Region : U.S.A. Zenith
    E-mail :

    ———–Original Customer Enquiry————
    Received Date : 2/4/2007 16:37:19
    The type of inquiry : Other
    Product/Model number : TV/ZDS5061

    I recently purchased your coaxial cable compression tool, ZDS5061, and for the life of me I can not make it work. Following the instructions on the back of the blister package is very simple, but it does not yield me any compression to the Zenith fittings. Squeezing only forces the cabling back out of the tools handle and I see no way it can physically do the compressing function. PLEASE HELP ME! I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong? I have an extensive knowledge of tools as a hobby and a business; but this one I can’t figure out. Thank you!

  10. I got mine installed fine on xp. I just need to find a keyboard mapping program that will support the second analog joystick so I can manually map the mouse over to it. I can map any keyboard or mouse button with the joytokey program but it does not support the second analog stick and works only with the first analog

  11. Have had this gamepad for a few weeks now. I have been using it constantly, and I have had no problems except for sensitivity.

    I have use dit on Vice City, Gtr 2, Need for Speed: Hot pursuit, all of my spernintendo emulator games; everything has worked.

  12. Hi, I think I have a software prob. I cant get the “Game Controllers” applet in control panel aka Direct Input, to recognize my Recoil gamepad. I have looked on the internet for like 2 days and cant find anything, I have also looked it the manual it came with. I have never had any probs with it and I love it, but I got a new computer and have never installed the software on it. If you can help please e-mail me at or just post it here thanks,


  13. Wow, I’ve had my GGE908 Recoil Pad for almost a year now. I’ve only used it with Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, but haven’t had one issue with it until now. While retracting the cable, it folded and slipped inside, which cut the end off. I found this forum trying to find the manufacturer website, which apparently is now defunct. Sorry to hear about all the problems you’ve been having. Just wanted to put this up as a warning to owners, retract carefully!

  14. my gge908 wont work on my dell e510 whats up test good but i cant get it to work with my games call of duty 2 soldier of fortune any help?

  15. wow im amazed to see so many people having the same exact problem i am. hahaha. well anyways, guess all i can do is stop being so cheap and buy a better one. lol

  16. I had a hell of a time trying to get the controler to work. XP would not recognize the device and didn’t like the drivers, until, by fluke I extented the cord all the way out. Even if you only need about half, pull it out till it clicks – The Analog should turn on at that point.

    It’s always the dumbest things that get stuff working.

  17. I have had no problems with my GGE908 Recoil except the vibration feature. It does have vibration much like Sony’s Dualshock. If you click on gamepads under control panel, it will let you test the vibration feature if you have the driver from the cd installed. I can’t get the vibration feature to work with any of the Playstation emulators I have tried. Does anyone know how to get it to work with emulators?

  18. HA! I bought this pos a while back ..SAME problem. It installed correctly the first time (I bought this to use for Counter Strike, can’t stand using boards for FPS *shrugs*). However, upon discovering that it didn’t work for CS I was disappointed and uninstalled this controller.

    Almost a year later I tried out PJ 64 and immediately attempted to reinstall this ”controller”. Only this time, it didn’t even install the drivers, it just goes up to 94%, doesnt install the controller and now i have a 20 or 30 dollar (forgot the price lol) controller. I tried to visit the Gemini site link provided on this forum but the site is down!!!? From all the problems i’ve been hearing about this it sounds like a cut and run to me! DON’T BUY THIS CONTROLLER ITS A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Why did I go to Walmart to buy a controller? I’ve only had it since August 28, and already the 3 button is going out. Unfortunately I already threw out the receipt and packaging (just did that a couple days ago, actually).

  20. Huh. Mine has been working just fine (Project64) except for the rumble. Apparently there’s no 64-bit driver for it. Does anyone know if the Gemini site will have one (assuming it ever comes online again) or if there’s some other way to do it? I feel like a freak for saying this, but the controller works fine otherwise and I’m not planning on returning it tommorrow.

  21. I know the GEM GGE908 Pad is cheap, I can’t find a site to download it. Can some one save me from buying nother controller. The intall disk is gone! Thanks!

  22. Hey people. I agree. It sux. I bought it just last night to play my “FPS” (Anonymous Coward #26) Counter Strike. The stupid thing doesn’t work. I’ve assigned all the commands to fit my controller, I’ve turned off functions to my mouse and isolated them to the controller… I’ve walked to mars and back, tapped my toes 3 times. I’ve done all that. BOTTOM LINE: Don’t buy it. If you did? Bring it back. Maybe if they get enough of them taken back they’ll get the message. Then again, it’s Wal-Mart so don’t expect too much. I also argee that you get what you pay for. That’s why I don’t buy clothes or food from Wal-Mart. Why I’d choose to buy an electronic from there? I made a mistake.

  23. Yes Sir Iwould like for somebory in your company to direct me, to how to get a CD-Rom for my camara Gemini-J44416 model because went I purcharse this camara did it came with it or should how to download this software or send me one please
    thank you

  24. For some reason my gamepad wont work with the game CONDEMNED. Why is this happening? Please help!!!! It’s like it won’t recognize anything I put in. Wal Mart will not be receiving my buisness again for anything that pertains to computers.

  25. I purchased the J44416 camera and I have put in the CD-ROM disk, but I can’t seem to find the Registeration Serial number anywhere on the disk or the package it came in can you email me the registeration Serial Number so that I can complete the setup?

  26. I solved the analog problem by turning off analog and turning it back on. It doesn’t dis-calibrate after that. Tested it and it works with Total Carnage (game that uses both at the same time) and it is good. Also shows accurate in the game controller settings.

  27. The left analog is crap. Jumps up like 40 degrees on X+. It’s probably the drivers. but mostly the controller is okay. Street fighter works pretty good MAME, ZSNES works too.

  28. also, this controller works great for me on every game i’ve tried it on. GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, LOTR Return of the King, Morrowind. My only issue is that the right analog stick behaves like it has been turned 90 degrees. So right is up and left is down and so on. But this seems to be a common issue with other controllers as well. Any help?

  29. in response to #40 and 41, which appear to be the same post, Fable: Lost Chapters does NOT support any controllers. It was stated by Lionhead long before the game came out. The only solution there would be to download some other app that would let you assign the keys to the controller, thereby tricking the game into thinking you are using the mouse and keyboard. I believe someone mentioned a program earlier in the post called ControlMK. The http is on number 23’s post.

  30. I install the cd ,and made all the test and working BUT I try to play unreal tournament 2003 and the controler don’t reconized the game…
    I need help please?

  31. Also bought this recoil piece of crap in wallmart and suprise suprise cant get it to work either! Unfortunately i ditched the packaging and the receipt.

  32. Total and complete PoS. Button 4 quit after about 3 weeks (having used it all of maybe 2 hours). Button 3 out after 5 weeks- cheaply made crap.

  33. i have the same peace of shit controller if im not contacted by the makers of this unit im going to send a email out to every store and web requesting it be removed from all shelves evey where.

  34. Junk. Scrap it NOW. Total POS.
    I agree with above RE. REAL GAMERS:
    *I tried it all with this controler, it IS Junk.
    GL/Better Luck with your next purchase.

  35. I have had this controller sitting on my desk in its packaging for a few months … I finally buy a game that suggests that I should use a analog gaming controller for better control of the game (The Godfather ~ PCCD) & it goes through the install just fine, my device manager detects the controller & I can even test it on there & I can get it to respond on the calibration screen on windows … however when I’m in the game & I go into the controller options menu, it detects the f*ckin contoller but it wont let me assign any buttons to it & the game doesnt seem to respond to the contoller, its as if it wasnt even plugged in, I’ve tried all my usb ports … mind you I have like 14 usb ports & they all do the same, my pc detects the contoller but the game wont respond to it … after reading all these comments, it would seem that this controller looks good but is a piece of shiyet!!! I hope that Wal-Mart will take it back even if I dont have the receipt anymore … I wonder if they still carry this in the store, if they do then I can return it, if not I’m stuck with a 15 dollar paper weight.

  36. im tryin to get this stupid controller to work on fable lost chapters i installed it prefectly i checked it in control panel everything checked ok then i tried to configure fable but wen i pressed a button to configure to the gamepad i get nuthin i really need help

  37. im tryin to get this stupid controller to work on fable lost chapters i installed it prefectly i checked it in control panel everything checked ok then i tried to configure fable but wen i pressed a button to configure to the gamepad i get nuthin i really need help

  38. I believe th gge908 doesn’t come with the function of vibration…it only has the recoil feature

  39. I have the gemini gge908 controller. I have had NO problems EXCEPT for the vibration. I can’t seem to get it to work on NBA Live.

  40. has for the guy in comment 26 apparently the only people that are using the mouse and keyboard our the ones that cant this dang recoil to work. i have been trying to use it for battlefield 1942 and when i can set the buttons right which doesnt happen often then i dont have the 360 degree movement. anybody have suggestions send me an email at because i prob wont be back to this site thanks

  41. I bought this gamepad at Wal-Mart(suprise, suprise). I *try* and use it with the ZSNES Super Nintendo Emulator. The pad is recognized and is able to work on the ZSNES, but the response time is slow. When I try to play a fast moving game like Ultimate MK 3, the button commands don’t reach the game in time, in turn, I lose. I don’t know how to change the latency to make it respond better.

  42. Absolutely JUNK. Save the packaging, save the receipt, cause it’s going back to WalMart. Tell the lady at walmart it’s junk, and the gemini website & tech support are non existent. WalMart will send back to Gemini and Gemini will be stuck with the open box/refurbished piece of junk. I had mine for 2 days and back to Walmart it went. Don’t keep junk. Return it.

  43. Yep, It’s junk. Doesn’t even work on Asteroids. My old windows 95 15 pin serial gamepad out performs this new USB Gemini piece of junk.

  44. bought the GGE908 and can not get it to work. After reading some of the comments i’m thinking about taking it back. will it even work with Half-Life and doom??

    I was able to successfully dwon load everything but the drivers and I am not well versed on computors to go get one. It is really giving me a burn trying to figure it out.

  45. when we put in the installation software is stock in 94% and the 94%number start blinking. what can i do please help me how to installed?

  46. i play America’s Army and i hate the ey bord and i wint to walmart and buy a GGE908 retractable pc controller and i cant get to work on both analogs 1 will work and i cant get the right side to work so i can ame and my guy is ames down buy it self iny 1 now how to fix or now what controller will work for this game???

  47. This sucks just like any product @ walmart i tryed to play gta vice city and this retarded gemini product cant configure to any system …..well off to walmart you cant even find out where this company is located i tryed everything to track them down. Does any one know if this product has a recall or possible even viruses attached to it. If any one has info please post. Thanks.

  48. In response to question 27, you have to have the controller plugged into the computer before the game is opened. then you should be able to go into whatever game you have and configure the controller. (ie what buttons do what in your game).

  49. When I play halo for the pc the controller is far too sensitive. i’ve tried desensitizing with the options in halo, but it is still way to sensitive (ie. when i’m trying to aim a sniper rifle). i’ve tried to use the calibration page in the control panel, but its so confusing and i dont know how to use it. other than that, the controller seems to be great. it works online and offline. i bascially need to know how to make it less sensitive, and whether or not i need to use the calibration page.

  50. Our game controler seems to be installed OK. How do we get the pc game we are playing to recognize it?

  51. You are a bunch of idiots. Who ever heard of using a game pad to play FPS games? XBOX and PS2 weanies perhaps……
    Use the freakin mouse and keyboard like real gamers.
    Gamepads are only good for sports games….
    And by the way, no problems here with my Gemini.

  52. i installed the software but cant figure out how to get the control to work when i play a game it only lets me use the mouse and the keyboard

  53. this piece of junk will not work it moves to the right on my analoge i play live 2006 and it always runs to the right it is getting on my nerves i bought another 1 because the first 1 did the same dam thing help me pleas

  54. For everyone that is having issues getting the controller to work with their games:

    Download and install the ControlMK program and use it to assign keyboard functions to the controller buttons, pads, and dual thumb joys. Start ControlMK, assign keys to the buttons, and allow ControlMK to run in the background as you play your game. You will be able to map all the functions to the game pad in 5 minutes, so you can play for hours!!

    The program can be found here:

  55. I just bought this damn joystick and the right anolog is the only thing that wont work will someone pease email me a solution I will pay in paypal anyone who gives me the solution to make this joystick work. I am trying to play unreal tournament and the left analog will walk but the right wont look around like i want it to. Like i said email me the solution well chat and I will send you a reward.


  57. Dan, I wish I could be more helpful… if your computer gives you a login screen, then the user ID you use isn’t configured to make whatever changes the software wants you to make. I’m not sure what to do about that, though. Is there someone else who uses that computer who might have administrative rights?

  58. Hi when i installed the controller it says rerun this installation through a administrative account. So what is the problem Dan

  59. The controllor seems to work fine but I can’t seem to get it to emulate the mouse. ie. why won’t it let me look with the controllor. I’ve only tried it with a few games but have the same problem with everyone. the controller works but I have to use the mouse to look. how do I fix this?

  60. I have a problem with mine too, when I first installed this it worked fine for the few times I used it. then it was not installed some how, it wont work at all does not even light up and when i install it, it only comes up under programs and it does not install under hardware, does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong?

  61. this damn thing is soooo fristrating….I have a whole library of games, and it only works on 1(sometimes)….the computer recognizes it, no errors, no nothing. testing it in the cotrol panel. Everything is fine within the OS, but when I load a game, the game sees the controller, but no response from the damn thing at all. It’s like it’s not even plugged in, but it is, and everything recognizes it except for my gamez..WHAT’S THE DEAL!!!!!!!

  62. I’ve installed the updated driver after failed atempts to get the GGE908 PC Recoil Pad to work to no avail. The controller tests “good” in the Gaming Options Dialogue box, shows that it is connected and test lights work but not on the games. Tried basic Army Men II to re-assign keys to the buttons on the pad also to no avail. I noticed though in the Contoller ID tab that the only port assignable is “Standard Game Port”. Are there others with similar problems. I ran into a guy at WalMart who is having the same issues he also was considering returning it but there has to be a solution to this….. Any Ideas…..





  64. I bought it from Wal-Mart too. I didn’t have a problem installing it or using it — I posted this entry not realizing that my problem was with my USB port all along. You get what you pay for, and we didn’t pay very much, did we? Better luck with your next model.

  65. I also bought that thing it SUX!! I have the same exact piece of crap and i bought it from walmart. i tried to instal it from the disk and the internet and it didn’t work it always gets stuck on 94%. NEVER BUY IT…IT’S DISSAPOINTING!!!! :(

  66. Yeah, but what happened to the email that the web site ( gives for “”.

    The controller works well enough in my humble opinion (mho), it’s just that I am in need of resolving a compatibility issue when attempting to use with America’s Army. The soldier is always staring down at the ground! Not good :(

    Sent email and it was returned: The message to was undeliverable.
    The reason for the problem:
    5.1.0 – Unknown address error 550-‘5.7.1 Unable to relay for

  67. This pad sucks horrendously, whenever i use the right analog stick, it twitches the sensor of the left analog stick, screwing me up six ways to sunday, and the buttons stick, a friend of mine bought one too, and his had the EXACT same problem…it is a poorly built controller and i highly recommend NOT buying one ever

  68. The cd is not loading on my cumputer. I’m also not seeing the tabs for effects page nor about page. Only the test page and calibration. This is on the Gemini Recoil gamepad

  69. At the moment, nothing.

    I was hoping to set up Star Wars X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter in two-player mode, so my son and I can play each other, but the game wouldn’t even run on my laptop in single-player mode until I could install the joystick.

    It was very early this morning when a Dell technician verified (via chat) that one of my SD ports is probably bad, which means the motherboard needs replacing. Fortunately, I did spring for a warranty service that means they’ll send a technician to my house to fix it.

  70. Update… the device works fine when I shift it to a different USB port. And other devices plugged into that same USB port are also not recognized.

    So the problem seems to be the port, not the device.

    But that doesn’t fix the poor proofreading on Gemini’s mission statement page, which is the reason I blogged it.

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