A Journalist and Blogger Tries Teaching

New media, he said, breaks down the economic model of the business he has worked in all these years. “This is really the first time since William Randolph Hearst that a young journalist can think like an entrepreneur,” Mr. Jarvis said. —Tania RalliA Journalist and Blogger Tries Teaching (New York Times)

Our academic dean sent me this link.

Jeff Jarvis, an entertainment reporter who recently took up blogging, posted on his own blog about his career shift:

I knew I wanted to work in the future of media and I believe there’s no better place to do that than among the young people who will be media tomorrow. I don’t want to teach them so much as learn from them as they invent the ways that journalism can use this powerful new thing, this unmedium, that we’ve only begun to explore to gather and share news. I hope we have an environment that fosters creativity and learning as it teaches skills and standards (and I hope I find less haughty ways to say that).