Revised Bloom's Taxonomy

During the 1990’s, Lorin Anderson (a former student of Benjamin Bloom) led a team of cognitive psychologists in revisiting the taxonomy with the view to examining the relevance of the taxonomy as we enter the twenty-first century.


Recognise, list, describe, identify retrieve, name ?.

Can the student RECALL information?


Interpret, exemplify, summarise, infer, paraphrase ?..

Can the student EXPLAIN ideas or concepts?


Implement, carry out, use ?

Can the student USE the new knowledge in another familiar situation?


Compare, attribute, organise, deconstruct ?

Can the student DIFFERENTIATE between constituent parts?


Check, critique, judge hypothesise …

Can the student JUSTIFY a decision or course of action?


Design, construct, plan, produce …

Can the student GENERATE new products, ideas or ways of viewing things Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy (oz – TeacherNet)

Via Mike Arnzen’s Pedablogue.

I’ve heard this revision mentioned at conferences, but I’ve never actually tracked it down. Thanks for pointing it out, Mike.