Morgan ‘Super Size Me’ Spurlock at Seton Hill

Spurlock and Students.JPG

Morgan Spurlock Burger 2.JPG

Morgan Spurlock, whose movie Super Size Me documents what happened to his body when he ate nothing but McDonald’s food for 30 days, spoke at Seton Hill earlier this evening.

I asked him to autograph this burger.

My journalism students were required to attend the class, and have a short article due tomorrow.

I asked them to do advance research, which they were supposed to submit in class yesterday. Many of them are really getting into the assignment. More than one has asked, “Are you sure we can only write 400 words?”

One showed about six pages of densely-packed notes, lamenting, “I’ve got about twelve sources!”

There’s a healthy competition among the students to get good outside sources, so that the article is more than a record of what Spurlock said tonight, but a wider article that uses Spurlock as one of several sources. The news hook is the fact that Spurlock spoke here tonight, but the article itself can be much wider in scope.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the students will do with their 400 words. I hope at least some of them will blog their work.

Update: Added top photo, taken by Mary Cox.

Update: A few students have posted on their blog. Ashley Welker. Michael Diezmos. Leslie Rodriquez. Erin Waite.