Here are my keys, Dr. Jerz

AmandaKeys.png“Here are my keys, Dr. Jerz. I think I will miss these most of all. Thank you for everything that doesn’t fit in an envelope. Thank you for being my teacher, and friend.” —Amanda Cochran
Here are my keys, Dr. Jerz (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

This was a difficult good-bye. I’ve gotten to know many fantastic students here at SHU, but Amanda is the first freshman I have seen all the way through to graduation.

She rose through the ranks at the student paper, all the way to editor-in-chief. She earned top-notch grades, and graduated in three and a half years.

Yesterday, she graduated summa cum laude. And today when I got to the office, I found this note — and Amanda’s keys to the student publications office.

I blogged about Amanda a few weeks into my first term here at Seton Hill, when Amanda was just familiarizing herself with the brand-new SHU academic blogosphere, and settling into her own blog, which she called “Girl Meets World.”

Throughout her Seton Hill career, Amanda has done wonderful things with the keys she was resourceful enough to use. And now there’s a world out there that she — now an accomplished woman — is more than ready to meet.

Thank you, Amanda!