Kicking buckets and whistling in the dark

I never understood why the dead were painted and made to look alive, but now I see that‘snot really the purpose. Watching Joe at work, I see that he restores bodies to a restful state, rather than an unnatural one. They don’t look like they?re going to sit up in the casket and say howdy, they look dead. But they look readied for a journey; dressed up, cleaned, and arranged just so. He creates an environment that helps people say goodbye.

I suppose what my brother in law does for a living gives a lot of people the creeps, and sure, there are some creepy aspects to it. It‘snot a career for everyone. But when I picture the great web of people he has influenced, whose tears have soaked the shoulder of his suit jackets, whose loved ones? bodies he prepared for their last reunion, I am incredibly proud to know him. —Kicking buckets and whistling in the dark (All & Sundry)

How did I get here? I have no idea, but I was captivated by this story. Had to skip a few paragraphs, but this was beautifully done.