Heroic Secret Service Agent Takes Question Intended For Bush

White House Secret Service Agent Anthony Panucci is being called a hero after intercepting what could have been a critically damaging question aimed directly at President Bush during a press conference in the Rose Garden Tuesday. —Heroic Secret Service Agent Takes Question Intended For Bush (The Onion (Satire)) I love the graphic that indicates the question injured a Fox News reporter who was standing nearby.

Blogs turn 10–who's the father?

Someone, somewhere created the very first Web log. It’s just not quite clear who. It may not be one of the Internet’s grandest accomplishments, but with the number of active bloggers hovering somewhere around 100 million, according to one estimate, there are some serious bragging rights to be claimed by the first person who provably laid fingers to keyboard in the traditional bloggy way. —Declan McCullagh and Anne Broache —Blogs…


President's Blog

Jim Towey is writing a blog to communicate with Saint Vincent students and to share the fruits of his experiences as their leader. These will be posted from time to time as his schedule permits. Click on this link to reach the archive and the latest posting. —President’s Blog (Saint Vincent College) The president of St. Vincent College has a blog. It’s really just a series of essays (no comments or…