Google's SearchWiki

How long has this been around? I just noticed it.  Google’s user interface is so streamlined that any change at all is noteworthy. I haven’t had the chance to play with it. I’m not sure how much I want my own biases to affect Google’s search results, so I’m going to have to read up on this before I play with it.

SearchWiki lets you customize your Google Web Search results by ranking, removing, and adding notes to them. You’ll see your changes whenever you do the same searches while signed in to your Google Account, or until you decide to undo them. You can also see how other users have tailored any given search results page with their own notes and changes.

Looks like it’s got two parts… in one, you can signal your approval of a site by clicking the up arrow button, and in the other you can click the X to remove it from your results. And you can also leave comments (here, I’ve clicked on the speech bubble to open up a comment box.)


How will these various affect the results Google returns in response to different searches? I want to know that before I start using it — I might X out a site that’s very good, but that I already know about, if my goal is to find NEW sites that refer to a certain term.

Do I want to type my critical commentary into a Google box, rather than keep it on my blog (where I can keep an eye on it)?