Fascinating follow-up to Wednesday’s story about the Linux advocate who posted a bitter diatrabe lamenting the ignorance of a teacher who confiscated a student’s Linux disks and wrote a heartfelt (if misguided) letter insisting that giving away software must be illegal.

“Why did you throw me to the wolves like that?”

I didn’t even have to think of the reply.

didn’t throw you to the wolves Karen, I threw ignorance to the wolves.
Let me ask you something. If I had not emailed you a link to my blog,
would you have even known about this?”

Again she hesitated. “What do you mean?”

mean that if you didn’t know I had written that blog, would you have
known about all these comments? Has anyone called you or bothered you
about this? Have your co-workers mentioned it?”


the wolves didn’t touch you Karen. If I had included your last name or
email address, then yes, you could ask me that question but as it
stands, you are just a nameless school teacher that evoked a public
response from me.”

She didn’t say anything for several seconds. When she did, it was a quiet and simple:

“Thank you”. — Blog of Helios

And here’s an interesting Twitter coda:

colleagues talked her into civil litigation for privacy violation, now on hold. Am installing Linux on her comp
uter this Saturday.

The story’s not over yet, but I almost want to cue the “family sitcom closing theme music.”