A 'peaceful' death for capo, his Mafia

A serendipitous click on a link brought me to this striking example of storytelling economy in a news story. 

“Three flower cars, wow!” said a pilgrim from Wisconsin who was just
about to chomp down on a chocolate cannoli from Mike’s Pastry yesterday

The cheesehead was momentarily spellbound by the stately procession
of black Cadillacs gliding toward him up Hanover Street, coming to rest
at the venerable gates of St. Leonard’s Church.

“Wonder who that is?” the tourist said to his wife.

Standing within earshot was a slight gentleman wrapped in a tailored
black suit, black tie, black sunglasses and a perfectly coiffed head of
white hair that seemed to glow in the sun.

The dapper gent studied the rube for a moment, then made his way
across Hanover Street, where he began kissing the family and friends of
Donato “Danny” Angiulo, a capo regime in brother Jerry’s mob franchise,
who expired Sunday night at the ripe age of 86. — Peter Gelzinis

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